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No.1 Best Perl Training Institute In Bangalore

Our Perl training at Trishana technologies is one of the versatile courses which attracts professionals from various backgrounds. We provide a comprehensive syllabus which includes all the concepts used by Perl in different domains such as development, automation, simulation design, testing etc. Our trainers are well-experienced veterans in Perl and they have adequate technical assistance to help during practical sessions. Our training and placement care will definitely get you a job you like in the Perl domain because that is what the Best Perl training institute in Bangalore will do.

Why should you take Perl Training?

Key Features

  • 40 Hours of instructor-led training
  • Dedicated Sessions from our faculty of industry experts.
  • One year course Validity.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Hands-on Experience-Case studies and projects
  • Certification.

Perl Course Description​

Our training in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore is designed by our own Perl experts based on the results of our study on the expectations and the reality of the industry. We devised the syllabus to provide all the skills expected by the industry and the knowledge associated with the skills. Our syllabus also covers the application of Perl in other industries like flight simulation and CGI creation. We employ only the accomplished Perl developers as trainers and provide them with skilled professionals to assist during the practical sessions. Our state-of-the-art lab has all the versions of Perl and the popular IDEs of Perl installed in it to prepare our students for any working environment. Our practical sessions will help them develop their own applications in Perl. This experience and our after-course training such as English sessions and Personality improvement sessions will help them to get their dream job in Perl domain and achieve great heights in their IT career.

Our training in HRBR Layout, Bangalore has only one goal which is to help our students master Perl. To achieve the goal, objectives given below will be achieved

  • Learning the basics of Perl and its applications.
  • Understanding the various implementations of Perl and some popular IDEs of Perl.
  • Mastering the concepts and methods used in Perl programming.
  • Knowing the latest practices and recent trends used by Perl professionals.
  • Understanding the issues faced by the Perl professionals and the ways to solve them without affecting or creating any issues.
  • Developing simple applications in Perl at our lab.

According to the official website of Perl (link), Perl is used by many important organizations such as Amazon, Yahoo, BBC, Verizon Wireless, Veritas, Stanford University, Harvard University, Siemens, Intel, Barclays Global Investors, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and DreamWorks Animation. According to Payscale, learning Perl will increase your salary dramatically – check the salary of jobs given in the link against the same jobs without Perl skill. Now, you can understand the benefits of learning Perl but you need to learn from the best Perl training in Bangalore to get the benefits.

Perl is used by many big companies and it will increase the salary significantly. So all the computer science professionals will be willing to go for Perl training.

However, persons from the job profiles given below have an advantage if they join our Perl training at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. The job profiles are

  • Software Engineers
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Freshers with a computer science degree

Our Perl training in Bangalore is a complete and comprehensive course. So, there are no prerequisites. However, knowledge of any programming language is advantageous.

Perl Course Syllabus

  Diagnostic Messages
  Carping, Confessing, and Croaking
  Strict Checks
  Compiler Pragmas
  Debugging Flags
  Your Perl Configuration
  The Devel: Peek Module
  The Data: Dumper Module

  The grep Operator
  Lists, Arrays, and List Operators
  Context and Subroutines
  Initializing Arrays and Hashes
  Reference Syntax
  Defined Values
  Other List Operators
  Usage of map, grep, and foreach

  Subroutine Prototypes
  Code Refs and Anonymous Subroutines
  Typeglobbing for the Non-Squeamish
  Local (Dynamic) Variables
  Lexical Variables
  Persistent Private Subroutine Variables
  The eval Operator
  The Block Form of eval
  The String Form of eval
  Block Form of eval for Exception Handling

  Review of Packages
  BEGIN and END Blocks
  Symbol Tables
  Package Variables
  Calling Package Subroutines
  Importing Package Symbols
  Exporting Package Symbols
  Using the Exporter Package
  The use Function
  AutoLoader and SelfLoader

  Object-Oriented Stuff
  Making Perl Object-Oriented
  The bless Function
  So, What’s a Blessed Thing Good For?
  Calling Class and Object Methods
  Object Methods
  Writing Classes
  What Perl Doesn’t Do

  Why Use tie?
  Tying a Scalar
  Inside Tied Variables
  Tying an Array
  Tying Hashes
  Tie::Hash and Tie::Array
  Tying Filehandles
  What Are DBM, NDBM, GDBM, SDBM, etc?
  Using the DBM Modules
  Installing and Using Perl Modules
  Laziness, Impatience, and Hubris
  Using Modules

  Unpacking the Module Source
  The Configuration Step
  The Build Step
  The Test Step
  The Install Step
  Using Module Documentation

  The Old Way – DBPerls
  A Better Way – DBI/DBD
  Database Programming
  Connecting to the Database
  Creating a SQL Query
  Getting the Results
  Updating Database Data
  Transaction Management
  Finishing Up

  Error Checking in DBI
  Getting Connected
  Using Parameterized Statements
  Statement Handle Attributes
  Other Handle Attributes
  Column Binding
  The do Method
  BLOBs and LONGs and Such
  Installing DBI Drivers

  Tcl, Tk, Tcl/Tk, Tkperl, Perl/Tk, etc.
  Creating a Perl/Tk Application
  GUI Programming Overview
  Adding Widgets
  Scrolled Widgets
  Configuring Widgets
  More Fun with Menus
  Using FileSelect

  Tk::Error and Tk::ErrorDialog
  Configuring Widgets
  Geometry Management
  Geometry Management with grid()
  The Frame Widget
  Defining Widget Callbacks
  Nonblocking I/O with fileevent()
  Other Widgets
  Other Tk Commands
  Getting Tk
  Extending Perl with C/C++

  Overview of Perl5 XSUBs
  Get Started with h2xs
  Set up the Perl Wrapper Class
  Write the XS Code
  The XS File
  Write Some Test Code
  What Do You Want?
  Returning Values on the Stack
  A Walk Through an XSUB
  Arguments to XSUBs
  Other h2xs Options
  Embedding the Perl Interpreter
  Why Embed Perl?

  Compiling the Program
  Perl Data Types
  Macros and Functions
  Manipulating Scalars
  Memory Management
  Script Space
  Evaluating Perl Expressions
  Dynamic Loading
  Multiple Perl Interpreters

  Distributing Modules
  Get Started with h2xs
  Files Created by h2xs
  The Build Library (blib) ulectory
  Unit Testing and
  Using blib
  POD Translators
  Cutting a Distribution
  Other Niceties

  Think First
  Object-Oriented Design
  Object-Oriented Development
  Library Modules
  Utility Programs
  Timing with Benchmark

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frequently asked questions

No need to worry if you ever missed a class. We always have more than one batch going on at a time and so you can attend the same class in another batch.

Yes, you will get elaborate placement assistance until you get a decent job in the respective domain.

Yes, you can attend a demo session before joining the course at Trishana technologies, the best training institute in Bangalore.

Experienced skilled professionals with more than 10 years of IT experience and adequate teaching experience. Official certification, if available, is mandatory for our trainers.

For solving all your queries and doubts, you can call us on +91 9513015050 or email us at which are our dedicated helpline services.

You can also visit our office (here) for more information.


Along with the Perl course, all the students or candidates work on the final project through which we offer certification to all our candidates.

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