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No.1 Best IOS Training Institute In Bangalore

Our iOS training at Trishana technologies is one of the few courses that have huge demand always and achieved 100% placement in all batches. Our training deals with the development of applications for iOS using the official IDE called XCode. We provide veteran iOS developers as trainers, an advanced computer lab with latest versions of XCode and emulators and reliable study materials that will help without the need for facilitators. Our training will help you develop your own iOS apps and that is why we are the Best iOS training institute in Bangalore.

Why should you take IOS Training?

Key Features

  • 40 Hours of instructor-led training
  • Dedicated Sessions from our faculty of industry experts.
  • One year course Validity.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Hands-on Experience-Case studies and projects
  • Certification.

iOS Course Description​

Our iOS training in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore is designed by our experts after surveying the differences between the skills expected and the skills present in the job seekers in the domain. The syllabus prepared is comprehensive and includes all the basics required for developing iOS apps. All our trainers are well experienced and accomplished iOS app developers. We frequently conduct webinars by the leading iOS app developers and iOS developer community members to make our students familiar with the latest practices. Our modern lab has the latest version of XCode and iOS emulators to practice the iOS application development. We encourage our students to create iOS apps in their own to hone their programming skills. We also guide them to join Apple Developer Program to distribute their apps through App Store. Our career guidance program will ensure that all our students are placed and has a bright career when they leave our premises.

Our training in HRBR Layout, Bangalore has one superior objective which is to produce expert iOS app developers. To achieve that, many other minor objectives are required to be fulfilled such as

  • Learning the basics of iOS and applications development.
  • Understanding the concepts and methods used in iOS application development.
  • Knowing the latest practices and recent development trends in iOS app development.
  • Learning about XCode and mastering it to develop applications for iOS.
  • Developing a simple iOS application in our lab.

Even though Android is the leading mobile OS and has an enormous market share of 87%, number of apps in iOS App store is almost 80% of apps in Google Play (source). This data indicates that even though number of iOS users is less, the applications developed for iOS is in par with Android. Another report by Infinum says that iOS developers have to write 40% less code than Android developers to create apps and this ends in more demand for time and power for android developers (source). These reports convey the advantage of learning iOS app development and to make use of the advantage, you have to join the best iOS training institute in Bangalore immediately.

Easier and faster application development combined with the increased revenue from Apple App store will definitely draw all software professionals for iOS training.

However, persons working in domains given below will have an advantage if they join our training at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. The job profiles in the domain are

  • Objective-C/Swift programmers
  • Android apps developers
  • Freshers with a computer science degree

Our iOS training in Bangalore is complete and can provide all the knowledge required for iOS app development. So, there are no prerequisites for our training.

iOS Training Syllabus​

  Mac versions –Features
  iOS versions -Features
  Introduction to Xcode tool and Compilers

  Creating Objective C classes and Methods
   Creating Properties and methods
  OOPS in Objective C
  Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, Dynamic Binding
   Array set, Dictionaries
   Categories and protocols
   Application Lifecycle
  Xib, Story board and Interface builder
   Creating and building simple applications
  UI State Preservation
   View application sandbox and Crash Logs of Application

  What is MVC?
  Model View and Controller Classes
  Delegate and Data source
  Singleton Pattern
  Observer pattern
  Cocoa coding standards

  Auto release pool

  Migrating your application to ARC
  Basic Interaction with UI Controls
  Button, label, Text fields
  Switch, Slider, Progress bar
  Alerts and Action sheet
  Table views
  Scroll view, Web view maps
  Search Bar, pop overs
  Picker, Date picker, Image view, Image picker controller
  Gestures, Mouse events
  Mail, Message, Phone call

  The iPhone Accelerometer
  Detecting shakes
  Determining orientation
  Responding to the accelerometer

  UI Table View Controller
  Working with multiple Table Views
  UI Table View Cell
  Table View practices
  Custom Cell creation

  View to view (Present model view controller)
  Navigation controller
  Tab bar controller
  Page view controller
  Split view controller

  UI Kit and view lifecycle
  Draw lines and transforms
  Alphe, Opaque, Hidden
  Create PDF fields
  Merge Images
  Splash view and Basic animation
  Adding views with animation

  Introduction to Map Kit Framework
  Showing a simple Map
  Update User Location
  Background location updates of user

  Asynchronous and synchronous request
  Soap service
  Rest service
  Xml and JSON Parsing
  KeyValue coding and Nested JSON objects
  Error handling
  Lazy loading

  NS Thread and management of multiple threads
  Synchronous and Asynchronous
  Introduction to NS Timers
  GCD in iOS
  NS Operation and NS Operation Queue

  User Defaults
  Core Data

  AV Audio player
  Media Player
  MP Movie player

  Local notifications
  App level Notifications
  Push Notifications

  Google +

  Debugging application in the device.
  iOS5, iOS6, iOS7 features and differences
  App store submission

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frequently asked questions

No need to worry if you ever missed a class. We always have more than one batch going on at a time and so you can attend the same class in another batch.

Yes, you will get elaborate placement assistance until you get a decent job in the respective domain.

Yes, you can attend a demo session before joining the course at Trishana technologies, the best training institute in Bangalore.

Experienced skilled professionals with more than 10 years of IT experience and adequate teaching experience. Official certification, if available, is mandatory for our trainers.

For solving all your queries and doubts, you can call us on +91 9513015050 or email us at which are our dedicated helpline services.

You can also visit our office (here) for more information.


Along with the IOS course, all the students or candidates work on the final project through which we offer certification to all our candidates.

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