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No.1 Best Informatica Training Institute In Bangalore

Our Informatica training at Trishana technologies is given the name “Best Informatica training in Bangalore” by the recruiters because of our student’s skill levels. Our training deals with the products of Informatica especially PowerCenter, a data integration tool. Informatica is mainly used in ETL processing of data. Our training consists of an updated syllabus, certified trainers, state-of-the-art lab reliable study materials and placement care. To master Informatica, you should join our Informatica training as soon as possible.

Why should you take Informatica Training?

Key Features

  • 40 Hours of instructor-led training
  • Dedicated Sessions from our faculty of industry experts.
  • One year course Validity.
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Hands-on Experience-Case studies and projects
  • Certification.

Informatica Course Description​

Our Informatica training in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore is formulated by experts to produce skilled Informatica professionals who are in short supply in the industry. Our training includes an elaborate syllabus to understand the functions of tools of Informatica. We have well experienced and certified trainers with a passion for teaching. The classroom and lab have many advanced technologies like projectors and video conferencing kits to conduct webinars if needed. Our practical sessions include working in the popular tools of Informatica and getting a hands-on experience. We also provide quality study materials to complement our class notes and to be used in practical sessions. One of the major advantages of our training is the job-like final assessment to conclude the training. This assessment will help you assess your skills, provide you on-the-job experience and the confidence you need for job interviews. We also provide an excellent placement care program to ensure that our 100% placement record is maintained in the current batch.

Our training in HRBR Layout, Bangalore has only one objective which is helping our students to master all the tools of Informatica. Other added advantages of our training are

  • Learning the basics of data management and Informatica.
  • Understanding the concepts and methods used in Informatica’s tools.
  • Knowing the latest practices and recent trends in Informatica domain.
  • Learning about the tools of Informatica and mastering the skills related to them.
  • Performing a simple Informatica related project in our lab.

Informatica’s PowerCenter is the leader and the best ETL tool of 2017, according to Gartner (link). As we already told, Informatica is the leader in data integration domain for more than a decade till now. Another report by Bloor Research says that Informatica offers all the elements that you might look for, in a data governance solution (link). These reports convey the importance of learning Informatica and the benefits of working in Informatica domain but you have to learn from the best training institute in Bangalore to get a job and work in the Informatica domain.

Being the market leader and one of the most used data integration tools, Informatica attracts many software professionals to go for Informatica training.

However, persons working in some domains like the ones given below will have an advantage if they join our training at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. The domains are

  • Database domain
  • Data Science
  • Data warehousing
  • Freshers who have yet to decide a domain

Our Informatica training in Bangalore is well-balanced and complete. So, there are no prerequisites for our training. However, experience in database domain is advantageous.

Informatica Course Syllabus

  Repository Manager
  Workflow Manager
  Workflow Monitor
  Power Center Admin Console

  Informatica Architecture

  Working with relational Sources
  Working with Flat Files

  Working with Relational Targets
  Working with Flat file Targets

  Lookup –Different types of lookup Caches
  Sequence Generator
  Source Qualifier
  Update Strategy
  Stored Procedure
  Slowly Changing Dimension
o SCD Type1
o SCD Type2 — Date, Flag and Version
o SCD Type3

  Creating Reusable tasks
  Workflows, Worklets & Sessions
o Session
o Decision task
o Control Task
o Event wait task
o Timer task
  Monitoring workflows and debugging errors

  Indirect Loading
  Constraint-based load ordering
  Target Load plan
  Worklet, Mapplet
  Migration –XML migration and Folder Copy
  Scheduling Workflow
  Parameter and variables
  XML Source, Target and Transformations

  Pipeline Partition
  Pipeline Partition
  Pushdown optimization

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frequently asked questions

No need to worry if you ever missed a class. We always have more than one batch going on at a time and so you can attend the same class in another batch.

Yes, you will get elaborate placement assistance until you get a decent job in the respective domain.

Yes, you can attend a demo session before joining the course at Trishana technologies, the best training institute in Bangalore.

Experienced skilled professionals with more than 10 years of IT experience and adequate teaching experience. Official certification, if available, is mandatory for our trainers.

For solving all your queries and doubts, you can call us on +91 9513015050 or email us at which are our dedicated helpline services.

You can also visit our office (here) for more information.


Along with the Informatica course, all the students or candidates work on the final project through which we offer certification to all our candidates.

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