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No.1 Best Data Analytics With SAS Training Institute In Bangalore

Our Data analytics with SAS training at Trishana technologies is elaborate enough to provide you the benefits of both the courses ‘Data Analytics” and “SAS” at the same time. Our training will cover all the concepts and methods of Data analytics and the process of doing Data analytics with SAS suite including the steps like gathering data, storing and retrieving data and extracting insights. Many real-life data analytics projects done with SAS will be explained in the practical sessions. To master SAS for data analytics, you have to join the Best Data Analytics with SAS training in Bangalore (i.e.) Trishana technologies’ training.

Why should you take Data Analytics with SAS Training?

Key Features

  • 40 Hours of instructor-led training
  • Dedicated Sessions from our faculty of industry experts
  • One year course validity
  • Flexible schedule
  • Hands-on experience-Case studies and projects
  • Certification.

Data Analytics with SAS Course Description

Our training in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore is formulated by experts after consulting with the top recruiters and the senior SAS professionals in the Data analytics domain. We provide an elaborate syllabus which includes all the concepts and methods used in Data analytics and the complete guide to SAS suite. Our trainers are certified professionals and experienced teachers to help our students master SAS in Data analytics. They are well equipped with advanced smart classrooms and state-of-the-art lab to teach efficiently. Our training includes free study materials which are prepared in-house by our professionals to provide a reliable and precise content that supports the class notes. We also have experts in English language to provide communication classes and prepare simple language materials for our students. Our practical sessions have many real-life case studies and projects with SAS in Data analytics to familiarize our students with SAS. Our training will help you master SAS suite to perform all the Data analytics related activities with efficiency and precision.

Our training in HRBR Layout, Bangalore has an ultimate objective of transforming our students to expert Data analysts with SAS skills. For that, many objectives have to be fulfilled such as

  • Learn about the basics of Data analytics and SAS suite.
  • Know the concepts and methods used in Data analytics and the ways to implement them with SAS suite.
  • Understand the latest trends and practices in Data analytics with SAS.
  • Learn the know-how to understand and solve the problems arising while working in SAS suite and performing data analytics.
  • Perform real-time Data analytics with SAS in our computer lab.

According to the list of companies that Change the World by Fortune, SAS is the 12th company and the first among the computer software companies (source). This is the perfect example of how important SAS in the IT industry right now. Another report by Money magazine claims that managing Big Data is the first of 21 most valuable career skills and SAS is the top data skill with highest pay boost (source). These reports will tell you the significance of learning SAS to do Data analytics but you should learn from the best training institute in Bangalore to enjoy the benefits completely.

Increasing use of SAS and Data analytics can motivate anyone to go for Data analytics with SAS training irrespective of their profession.

However, persons working in the domains listed below will benefit more if they go for our training at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

  • Database engineers
  • Research scholars
  • Marketing professionals
  • Freshers with a degree in computer science

Our Data analytics with SAS training in Bangalore is comprehensive to provide complete knowledge. So, there are no prerequisites. But, the knowledge of database is beneficial.

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Data Analytics with SAS course syllabus

  Introduction and History of SAS
Significance of SAS software solutions in various industries
  Demonstrate SAS Capabilities
  Job Profile / career opportunities with SAS worldwide?

  Explore SAS Windowing Environment
  SAS Tasks
  Working with SAS Syntax
  Create and submit a SAS sample program

  Accessing SAS Data libraries
  Getting familiar with SAS Data set

  Introduction to reading data
  Examine structure of SAS data set
  Understanding of SAS works

 Using Excel data as input
Create as sample program to import and export excel sheets

  Introduction to raw data
  Reading delimited raw data file (List Input)
  Using standard delimited data as input
  Using nonstandard delimited data as input
  Reading raw data aligned to columns (Fixed or column input)
  Reading raw data with special instructions (Formatted input)

  Write data values from SAS data set to an external file

Create multiple output datasets from single SAS dataset
  Writing observations to one or more SAS datasets
  Controlling which observations and variables to be written to output data

  Where condition
  Conditional processing using: IF statements

    Iterative DO loop processing with END statement
  DO WHILE & DO UNTIL Statement
  SAS Array statement

    Creating and Accumulating total variable (Retain)
  Using Assignment statement
  Accumulating totals for a group of data (BY group)

   Sorting SAS data sets
 Manipulating SAS data values
 Presentation of user-defined values /data/currency values using FORMAT procedure
 SAS functions to manipulate char and num data
  Convert data type form char-to num and num-to-char
  SAS variables lists/ SAS variables lists range
  Debugging SAS program
  Accessing observations by creating index

Rotating with the data step
Using the transpose procedure


  One to one reading
  One to one merging (with non-matching)
  Match merging (Merging types with IN=option)

    Validating and cleaning data
  Detect and correct syntax errors
  Examining data errors

frequently asked questions

No need to worry if you ever missed a class. We always have more than one batch going on at a time and so you can attend the same class in another batch.

Yes, you will get elaborate placement assistance until you get a decent job in the respective domain.

Yes, you can attend a demo session before joining the course at Trishana technologies, the best training institute in Bangalore.

Experienced skilled professionals with more than 10 years of IT experience and adequate teaching experience. Official certification, if available, is mandatory for our trainers.

For solving all your queries and doubts, you can call us on +91 9513015050 or email us at which are our dedicated helpline services.

You can also visit our office (here) for more information.


Along with the Android course, all the students or candidates work on the final project through which we offer certification to all our candidates.

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