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Welcome to the best AWS training institute in Bangalore


Trishana provides the best AWS certification course for you!

Welcome to Trishana Technologies- the best training institute in Bangalore imparting detailed and practical knowledge on AWS or Amazon-Web-Services training. At Trishana technologies, students are imparted an in-depth and practical knowledge on AWS so that the students can face any project given to them with ease. Students at Trishana Technologies are given training from the basic levels that help then to grip over the more advanced levels without any complications. This is the reason why we are recognized as the best institute providing AWS training in Bangalore. If you want to be a better programmer, developer and want to be associated with the big names of the market then you are at the right place.

Trishana technologies offers AWS in classroom training, online AWS training and Corporate AWS training. Be it face to face AWS training in Bangalore or online AWS Certification training, Trishana has got you covered from all angles.  We also offer fast track AWS training in Bangalore so that you can complete your AWS certification in few days be ready for your interview or next AWS project.

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Introduction to AWS training in Bangalore

Amazon-web-services or simply AWS is a business unit within the E-commerce giant It was introduced in the year 2006, to provide web services to various IT organizations. More precisely AWS was introduced to provide a secure and comprehensive cloud platform and various online services to the clients’ websites. Infrastructure services such as networking, content delivery, computing, databases and storage options are some of the services that Trishana Technologies train its students with, through AWS training in Marathahalli. AWS helps the business to grow and extend in every possible aspect. Therefore, AWS training in Bangalore has gained wide popularity.

AWS cloud solutions and products help in building various applications with increased flexibility, reliability and scalability. It provides the complete information security that is vehemently important for every organization be it a small concern or a large one.

Features of AWS training in Trishana

The key features of AWS training in Bangalore at Trishana Technologies are as follows.

  • The course duration is of 35 to 45 hours for each batch
  • Trainers and faculties are all industry experts who impart a real time training to the students
  • The students get 100% job-oriented training so that after the completion of the course they do not face any complication whatsoever.
  • The students get complete guidance on AWS certification.

AWS training in Marathahalli is not so difficult to search in your Google map. If you still find it difficult to search you can feed in the search menu by entering, “AWS training near me”, and you can easily locate us and we are never far away from you.

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AWS Course Description

TThe objectives of AWS training in Bangalore are to master the skills of cloud computing solutions and designing with AWS. The training is intended towards enhancing the skills of multi-level applications with AWS cloud. It imbibes in you the better understanding as to how to adapt to internal failures and to enhance high accessibility and also helps the students to become experts in scalable applications and designing with the help of AWS. Our AWS tutors at Trishana Technologies are well experienced to accelerate your AWS training in Marathahalli.

The need to learn AWS is manifold. The practical knowledge in AWS training in Kalyan Nagar helps you to get placed amongst the top paying jobs beyond the national boundaries and abroad. Presently more and more Companies are switching to Cloud computation and as a result AWS certification course is gaining wide popularity. Eventually this is paving the way to more and more of aspirants who are keenly enrolling for AWS training in Bangalore. Trishana technologies help you to be certified in the fastest-growing public cloud. You get the globally acclaimed certification for a bright future. Being the best AWS training institute in Bangalore, we have helped more than 500 students to achieve their dreams of being associated with the big IT market players.

Most of the programming languages are flexible and dynamic. The difference lies in how each of these technologies solves their problems. Python has a specific way of problem-solving which is different from other languages. Each of the problem-solving techniques has its own set of pros and cons. AWS programs also take much lesser time to develop as compared to other programming languages. Check your AWS training classes in Bangalore scheduled to enroll for a free demo. Do not miss the opportunity to gain your AWS certification from the best AWS training institute in Bangalore.

The newbies who are absolutely new to AWS can opt for this training. Aspirants who want to make a career in AWS cloud computing can choose AWS training in Bangalore. Software professionals who take a keen interest in deploying and designing AWS applications will find this training useful. People who use WordPress and Joomla kind of applications on AWS platforms can give a try to enroll in this training program.

Our course of AWS training in Bangalore is reasonably priced with a flexible payment pattern. We do not make false claims and we are extremely serious about our commitments. We imbibe the best AWS training so that you can make it amongst the list of the best programmers that the organizations want. We will help you make your CV in the most professional way so as to make the hiring process a happy one for you.

After the AWS training in Bangalore at Trishana Technologies, one can find lucrative jobs as the following.
• Cloud Integrator
• AWS network specialists
• Cloud purchase and sales manager
• Cloud developer or systems engineer
• AWS architect
• AWS administrator
You can step into the giant IT firms if you know AWS and pursue an AWS certification course. Trishana technologies help you to follow your dreams and prepare you just as the big giant organizations want you to see.

There are 2 levels of the certification course, namely the associate level and the professional level. For the associate level, one must have a basic knowledge of software programming. One should also have clear concepts of networking and visualization both at the basic and advanced level.

For the professional certification, one should have hands-on practical expertise on the deployment of various systems using AWS services. One should also have in-depth knowledge in AWS designs besides holding the AWS associate certification which is mandatory to enroll for the professional certification.

After you complete the AWS training at Trishana Technologies, you will acquire the following skills that would open the doors to your success.
• You would gain deeper insights into various AWS principles and architectures
• You will get a comprehensive understanding as to the storage, security, computation of various application and networking services.
• You will get that enormous amount of confidence to easily crack the AWS architect exams.
• You will gain real-time expertise for deployment of various applications in AWS cloud.
Completing AWS training in Marathahalli will give you a competitive edge over others.

Sample AWS interview questions and answers

It stands for simple-storage-service. The payment model of S3 is, “pay-as-you-go”. You can use S3 to retrieve and store any amount of data from anywhere on the internet.

AMI stands for amazon-machine-image. It is more of a template that provides the information required to launch the copy of the virtual server running in the cloud network.

It is a REST service and therefore you can only send requests through the REST API. You can also use SDK libraries that wrap the REST API.

Sample AWS based projects

3D secure banking- It is a banking application meant for the authentication and authorization of the bank and User ID for each customer.

CRM- It helps in the collection of detailed information of each customer and supplier.

MWS insurance- This is a Mobile-warranty-software that manages the mobile policies and claim management and interacts with the external systems like RLP.

AWS training in Bangalore Syllabus

The syllabus for the AWS training in Bangalore is classified into several modules to be completed in 40 hours duration. The syllabus covers every aspect of AWS training keeping in mind the number of practical assignments required to master the basic concepts and principles of AWS.

  Installation, Package Selection
  Anatomy of a Kick start File, Command line
  Introduction to Bash Shell
  System Initialization, Starting the Boot Process: GRUB.

  Configuring services to run at boot,
  Securing single-user mode (su login),
  Shutting down and rebooting the system,
  RPM Package Manager, Installing and Removing Software, Updating a Kernel RPM,
  Yum Command set, Install packages by using yum.
  Apt-get command set, Apt-cache package management

Understanding different types of groups and the creation of groups
  Creation of users in different groups
  Understanding Password, Shadow Files
  Understanding password aging
  Creation of quotas for users, groups and file systems
  Understanding users security files
  The different commands for Monitoring the users
  Automation of jobs

  Understanding the different types of run-levels
  Understanding different types of shutdown commands
  Understanding run control scripts
  Understanding the different types

Form widgets
Text Fields
  [dip, dp, sip, sp] versus px


Option menu
  Context menu
  Sub menu
  menu from xml
  menu via code
• Examples

Explicit Intents
  Implicit intents

Material Design
  Time and Date
  Images and media
  AlertDialogs & Toast
• Popup
• Examples

  SQLite Programming
  Reading bookmarks
  Example :
Develop an App to demonstrate database usage. CRUD operations must be implemented. Final details should be viewed in GridView as well as in ListView.


  ListView and ListActivity
  Custom listview
  GridView using adapters
  Gallery using adapters

  Threads running on UI thread (runOnUiThread)
  Worker thread
  Handlers & Runnable
  AsynTask (in detail)
  Examples <=”” h4=””>
  Live Folders
  Using sdcards
  XML Parsing
  JSON Parsing
  Maps, GPS, Location based Services

AWS training in Bangalore FAQs

Engineers and developers having an AWS certification draw around 12 to 14 lakhs per annum on an average basis.

At Trishana Technologies, we provide you with all the study materials along with the sample question papers so that you can prepare for the certification in a systematic way. Study materials and videos are also available on our official website.

It depends on how much time you can devote for the preparation. Cracking all the exams of AWS certification needs 2 months to 1 year approximately for a professional who is balancing both his work and studies.


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Our recent students review post completion of AWS training in Marathahalli

I got the opportunity to enroll myself at Trishana Technologies for AWS training in Marathahalli and I can say it aloud without any hesitation that this is the best training institute that helps you build a career in IT.


Trishana Technologies is one of the premium institutes for AWS training in Bangalore. All the trainers are extremely helpful and do not mind in providing solutions to all the queries of the students, no matter how petty it is. I am extremely thankful to Trishana Technologies to help me reach the place where I am today.


I looked for AWS training near me and found Trishana Technologies. It is absolutely worth getting enrolled in this training institute.

Vicky R

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Depending on the huge demand for AWS training in Bangalore, we have strategically located to ensure we stay close to you. We are not far away from the following locations.

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