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No.1 Best AWS Training Institute In Bangalore

AWS training at Trishana technologies is the most comprehensive training for Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides an overview of all the services offered by AWS which include more than 90 services such as storage, computing power, networking, database and analytics, application services, developer tools, deployment and management. Our training includes all the concepts and methods used in these services and helps you master the services provided by AWS. There will be many real-world applications and case studies to understand the uses of AWS. Our training, the Best AWS training in Bangalore, includes practicing in real-time scenarios to hone the skills required for AWS. 

Why should you take AWS Training?

According to the survey by Stackoverflow in 2017 (source), Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most wanted platform after Android in stackoverflow.

We allow our students to explore the best placement openings while training them adequately for facing even the toughest job interviews. We also offer 100% job guarantee to all our students.

The average salary for AWS Developer in India is 500,000 rupees per annum as per Glassdoor (source) but it varies according to the company.


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Key Features​

  • 40 Hours of instructor-led training
  • One year course Validity.
  • Dedicated Sessions from our faculty of industry experts.
  • Hands-on Experience-Case studies and projects
  • Flexible Schedule.
  • Certification.

AWS Course Description​

Our AWS training in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore is prepared after scrutinizing the current requirements and the future expectations of the companies using AWS. To maintain the quality of our training, we have an elaborate system – up-to-date syllabus, experienced trainers, state-of-the-art lab, dependable study materials and 100% placement record. The syllabus comprises of various technologies related to all the services offered by AWS. Most of the AWS’ services are not directly exposed to users but they are also taught at our training. Practical sessions of our training include working on real-time AWS platform and trying all the services in your own. You can also use our study materials to practice at our lab or at your home. We will ensure that all our students had mastered AWS before the end of our training.

Our training in HRBR Layout, Bangalore has one ultimate objective which is producing skilled AWS professionals. However during the course, our trainers will help you

  • Know the overview of all the services offered by AWS.
  • Obtain the complete knowledge of technologies used in all the services provided by AWS.
  • Understand the latest trends and practices in AWS domain.
  • Learn more about the real-time issues faced while working in the AWS platform and the steps to handle the issues effectively.
  • Obtain the official certification provided by

AWS is the market leader in cloud platform comprising of both Iaas and Paas. According to a report by Synergy (source), AWS has a market share of 34% which is almost three times of the market share of the company in next place (Microsoft 11%). Gartner’s Magic Quadrant on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) identifies AWS as a market leader for 7th consecutive year (source). These reports strongly suggest the importance of AWS in the cloud computing industry. Therefore, learning AWS can benefit your IT career if you have the proper training from the best training institute in Bangalore – Trishana technologies.

Increasing use of AWS and the huge market share of AWS can produce numerous job opportunities in the foreseeable future. So, anyone can go for AWS training.

However, persons working in few domains which are related to AWS will have more benefits in AWS training at Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

  • Database professionals
  • Network Engineers
  • Professionals working in cloud domain
  • Freshers with a degree in computer science

Our AWS training in Bangalore is so comprehensive that there are no prerequisites to complete the training. However knowledge of cloud is an advantage.

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AWS Course Syllabus

  Installation, Package Selection
  Anatomy of a Kick start File, Command line
  Introduction to Bash Shell
  System Initialization, Starting the Boot Process: GRUB.

  Configuring services to run at boot,
  Securing single-user mode (su login),
  Shutting down and rebooting the system,
  RPM Package Manager, Installing and Removing Software, Updating a Kernel RPM,
  Yum Command set, Install packages by using yum.
  Apt-get command set, Apt-cache package management

  Understanding different types of groups and creation of groups
  Creation of users in different groups
  Understanding Password, Shadow Files
  Understanding password aging
  Creation of quotas for users, groups and file systems
  Understanding users security files
  The different commands for Monitoring the users
  Automation of jobs

  Understanding the different types of run-levels
  Understanding different types of shutdown commands
  Understanding run control scripts
  Understanding the different types


  Cloud Computing
  Introduction to Cloud Computing
  Why Cloud Computing?
  Benefits of Cloud Computing
  Types of Cloud Computing
  Public Cloud
  Private Cloud
  Hybrid Cloud
  Community Cloud
  Software as a Service
  Platform as a Service
  Horizontal vs vertical scaling
  Cloud Computing Issues
  Costing Model

  Virtualization and cloud computing
  Types of virtualization
  Virtualization terminologies

  Introduction to AWS Elastic computing
  Introduction to the AWS products
  Regions and Availability Zones
  Signing up for AWS
  AWS Free usage tier
  Introduction AWS management console

  Understanding AMI
  Launching your first AWS instance
  On-demand Instance pricing
  Reserved Instance pricing
  Spot instance pricing
  Setting up security
  Security groups
  Choosing & Creating a new AMI
  Public and Private IP’s
  Deploying a new instance from the created AMI
  Key Pairs
  Elastic IP’s
  ELB(Elastic Load Balancer)

  Introduction to Scaling
  Components and types of load balancing

  Get Started with Auto Scaling Using the Console
  Maintain a Fixed Number of Running EC2 Instances
  Dynamic Scaling
  The lifecycle of auto scaling
  Policies of auto scaling

  Create EBS volumes
  Delete EBS Volumes
  Attach and detach EBS volumes
  Mounting and unmounting EBS volume
  Creating and deleting snapshots
  Creating volumes from snapshots S3(Simple Storage Service)

  S3 durability and redundancy
  S3 Buckets
  S3 Uploading Downloading
  S3 Permissions
  S3 Object Versioning
  S3 Lifecycle Policies
  Storage Gateway
  Import Export
  S3 Transfer Acceleration
  Glacier storage

  Use of cloud front
  Creating a cloud front distribution
  Hosting a website of cloud front distribution
  Implementing restrictions
  Configuring origins and behaviors

  Creating zones
  Hosting a website
  Understanding routing policies
  Weighted simple and failover policies

  Creating Users and Groups
  Applying policies
  Password Policy

  Security Practices for Cloud Deployment
  AWS Responsibilities and Securities
  Cloud Trail
  Trust advisor

  Introduction to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  VPC Advantages
  Default and Non-default VPC
  Components of VPC
  Direct Connect
  Describe, create, and manage Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
  Amazon VPC, Private Subnet and Public Subnet
  AWS Networking, Security Groups and Network ACLs
  Configuration and management of VPN connectivity
  Subnet and Subnet Mask

  Introduction to RDS
  Different database services of AWS: Amazon RDS, Dynamo DB, Redshift etc.
  Configuring the database
  Configuring backups
  Configuring the maintenance windows
  Connecting to the database

  Creating a dynamo dB
  Configuring alarms
  Adding data manually

  Cloud watch dashboard
  Configuring Monitoring services
  Setting thresholds
  Configuring actions
  Creating a cloud watch alarm
  Getting statistics for ec2 instances
  Monitoring other AWS services
  Configuring Notifications
  Integrating cloud watch with Auto scaling
  Cloud Trail

  What is SNS
  Creating a topic
  Create subscription
  Subscribed to the subscription

  Troubleshooting EC2 instance
  Troubleshooting using Cloud watch
  Troubleshooting using ELB
  Troubleshooting by using Cloud trail
  Troubleshooting by using Cloud front

  Backup and Disaster Recovery
  How to manage Disaster Recovery and Backups
  Best Practice for DR and Backups
  AWS High availability Design

  AWS Best Practices (Cost +Security)
  AWS Calculator & Consolidated Billing

  An understanding of Devops and the modern Devops toolsets
  The ability to automate all aspects of a modern code delivery and deployment pipeline using:
  Source code management tools – CVS, Git
  Build tools – Apache ant, Maven
  Test automation tools – JUnit
  Continuous Integration Tools – Jenkins, Team city
  Configuration management tools – Chef, Puppet, Ansible
  Monitoring tools – Nagios

frequently asked questions

No need to worry if you ever missed a class. We always have more than one batch going on at a time and so you can attend the same class in another batch.

Yes, you will get elaborate placement assistance until you get a decent job in the respective domain.

Yes, you can attend a demo session before joining the course at Trishana technologies, the best training institute in Bangalore.

Experienced skilled professionals with more than 10 years of IT experience and adequate teaching experience. Official certification, if available, is mandatory for our trainers.

For solving all your queries and doubts, you can call us on +91 9513015050 or email us at which are our dedicated helpline services.

You can also visit our office (here) for more information.


Along with the AWS course, all the students or candidates work on the final project through which we offer certification to all our candidates.

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